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Random Writings

Written by dawn_felagund

Twisted from the already twisted "Blame Canada" from the South Park movie

Galadriel: Time's have changed,
Evil's come to Middle-earth,
Even the best of Elves and Men,
Have fallen under a curse.

Boromir: Should we blame our wimpy souls?

Gollum: Or blame the One Ring?

Frodo: Or should we blame Sauron and the evil that he brings?

Galadriel: No, blame Fëanor!

Everyone: Blame Fëanor!

Galadriel: With his life so full of "tragedy"
And his obsessive personality.

Everyone: Blame Fëanor!
Blame Fëanor!

Galadriel: We need to form a full assault.

Everyone: It's Fëanor's fault!

Galadriel: I came here not from defiance
But for a kingdom of my own,
But thanks to uncle Fëanor,
I'm stuck and can't go home.

Boromir: Don't blame me
For my ring-lust.
Without Fëanor around,
In Boromir you'd trust!

Miriel: And I once lived in Valinor
As Finwë's happy wife
But I gave birth to you-know-who
And then gave up my life!

Galadriel: Well, blame Fëanor!

Everyone: Blame Fëanor!
It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Fëanor came along
Blame Fëanor!
Blame Fëanor!

Random Legolas Fangrrl: (twirling hair) Who the heck's Fëanor

Haldir: I could have sailed to Valinor, it's true,
But PJ killed me in Volume Two!

Everyone: Should we blame the orcs?
Should we blame the sword?
Or the director who allowed him to be gored?

Galadriel: Mandos, no!

Everyone: Blame Fëanor!
Blame Fëanor!

Galadriel: With his lust for dangerous jewelry….

Boromir: (pouting) And he's better looking than me too….

Everyone: Blame Fëanor!
Shame on Fëanor!
The nut we must stop!
To Mandos he must go!

Galadriel: Because he's smarter than me,
Now THAT I can't see!

Celeborn: (meekly) And I hate to tell you my dear:
You uncle's a heckuva lot more pretty.

Everyone: We must blame him and cause a fuss,
Before someone thinks of blaming us!

More Insta-Drabble Goodness

Today, it was juno_magic, aranel_took and myself...

fettering, uphold, caustic, smite

She gives me a caustic smile. One day I will smite that smug look from her face.

“My lord desist, I have a certain station to uphold.”

She feels as if they are fettering her here; a caged wild bird, perhaps, who longs for her freedom. I will offer her what she desires and she will in turn provide me with what I need. It matters not what she says or does, or even if she is agreeable. When all has come to pass, I will have my way with her and her indomitable spirit will at last be broken.

quietest, confesses, frosts, conniving

A fine powder frosts the table where my tools should lay. They have gone missing; the only clue to their whereabouts two small handprints in the dust. They can only belong to one.

I find him, my littlest one but by no means the quietest. Before I can speak, he confesses. His older brothers, conniving he makes them out to be, coerced him into it. His lower lip quivers.

Atar, please don’t be angry.”

I kiss his forehead. “This time I will not, my little Moryo, but learn from this not to follow others blindly, for that leads to trouble.”


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Jul. 19th, 2005 09:21 pm (UTC)
hey, where's my drabble?
whine, whine, whine....

And maybe you should check out What Thou Lovest Well in HASA beta. I posted 3 new chapters last night. Fell muse awake!

~Lady Aranel~
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